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About Us


Welcome to the Freedom From Anxiety Program:


 My name is Iryna Yeromenko and I am Clinical Hypnotherapist  and I have helped hundreds of people overcome anxiety.


I crafted this program to help you overcome anxiety and get to a better quality of life.



You need to commit to following steps of the program if you want to see the results and devote about 30 min of your time a day for the next 3 weeks.


21 days x 30 min a day

Overcome Bulimia Program Video  ⤵️

$99 value BONUS # 1 🎁 Stress Release Meditation  ⤵️

Find a quiet and comfortable place with ZERO distractions. You will need about 35 minutes. Sit or lie down comfortably and use headphones. 

⚠️ DON"T listen to this recording while operating a vehicle or  machinery

⚠️ DON"T listen to this recording if you have a history or epileptic seizures or acute psychosis

Value $150 Bonus # 2 🎁 Discovery call 

Follow the link to schedule a 30-min Free Discovery Call with Iryna to discuss your issue and build a roadmap to help you resolve it 

Learn more about the Method and what it can help with

See testimonials below:

Testimonials 👇🏻

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Irene, 32 y.o. USA

I approached Iryna for help with depression and anxiety. My life has changed and is continuing to change – I feel that and I really live on the brighter side now. Iryna is an angel who showed me the way, showed me how to start a new life and how to be alive. I have never before been so happy and confident.

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