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21 day hypnotherapy program 

with Clinical Hypnotherapist
Iryna Yeromenko


I help clients find the root of ANXIETY and let it go.


HOW? I help you activate the power of your subconscious mind through Hypnotherapy.

Over 95% of my clients report SIGNIFICANT RELIEF of anxiety and panic attacks in less than 3 weeks.

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Anxiety Free Life 

is a 21-day Hypnotherapy program that will help you:

  • get to the root of your anxiety

  • clear limiting beliefs

  • tame and rewire your racing thoughts

  • adopt new patterns of coping with stress


Why hypnotherapy with Iryna Yeromenko? 

Are you exhausted & overwhelmed by anxiety and its symptoms?  

Traditional methods like medications and talk therapy bring temporary or minimal relief?


I am

I am a CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST with  7 years of experience in MENTAL HELTH 


My program

This Program offers an EFFECTIVE and SAFE method that brings FAST and LONG-LASTING RELIEF

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Your result

Over 95% of clients report SIGNIFICANT RELIEF of anxiety and panic attacks in about

 3 weeks.

Program facts

Hypnotherapy has 93%  success rate in anxiety treatment

95%  of Iryna's clients see significant improvement in just 3 weeks


happy clients who now live a new better life

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is recommended by

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3 steps of Anxiety Free Life program

There are 3 packages that offer varying time of 1-on-1 work with
Iryna of up to 5 hours in 21 days. 

Each package includes the following three steps

Pre-work: know what you want to achieve

I will help you identify and express exactly what you want to prepare for your transformation. 

Find the root of anxiety and let it go

During Hypnotherapy session I will help you get to the root of your anxiety and work through it to let it go

Rewire your beliefs and track progress

Listen to a personalized hypnotic meditation, track progress in reflection journal. I will support you for the duration of the program

Anxiety Free Life packages


30 days of every day work with subconscious mind through exercises  and hypnotic mediations; analyzing and tracking progress.

- Introductory discovery and goal setting guide

- Recorded Hypnotherapy session: The root of Anxiety (30-day access)

- Recorded Anxiety-Free Life meditation (30-day access)

-  Reflection journal

-  Reflection and progress questionnaire


 4 hours of one-to-one work: with Iryna:

 1. 30- minute discovery call,

2. 2-hr Individual online hypnotherapy session

3. 30-min follow-up call

4. 21-day of support through text

- Personalized audio recording that is created personally for you based on you goals, visualizations and limiting beliefs

- Personalized 21- day of Iryna's support, motivation and feedback through texts

- I work with you one-on-one as Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy Therapist guiding you towards your goal, providing support, motivation and accountability tools for the duration of the program.

PLUS everything in Standard except items in Bold


Everything included in Standart  PLUS

- additional 1-on-1 30-min Hypnotherapy clearing session

30-min mid-program check-in call, 

 - 30 days of post-program personal support through text message


5 hours of one-on-one work iwth Iryna


The main Reason to join this program is
to become Anxiety Free. FAST


  • you have ANXIETY

  • you are tired of ANXIETY

  • you are looking for relief

  • nothing you have tried so far worked

  • you want a FAST, EFFECTIVE, SAFE solution

  • you are looking for long-lasting result

My name is Iryna Yeromenko 

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Rapid Transformational Therapy Therapist, MBA and Master of Health Services Administration. 


I know what Anxiety feels like and I know what it is like to be ANXIETY FREE. I lived with anxiety for over 20 years. My mission is to help as many people as I can to be content, happy and truly enjoy their life.  

I will help you

get to the root of your ANXIETY and LET IT GO.



Why should you trust me?

  • I have helped hundreds of people

  • 95% of my clients have amazing outcomes

  • I provide personalized approach and support for the duration of the program

  • 8 years of experience in mental health and healthcare administration in the US

Do I know what anxiety feels like? Do I know how uncertainty and feeling unsafe can impact you? Do I know how to be happy and cope with anything life throws at you? - I DO:

  • I am an immigrant from Ukraine, and built my life in the USA from scratch.

  • My move was forced by the Russian aggression in 2014

  • I am a successful, happy and joyful human being, wife and mom and this was always my dream

  • I want you to live your dream life.



What is Hypnosis? - Hypnosis is a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration

Is Hypnotherapy safe? - Hypnotherapy is a clinical modality and is a safe method. People with history of epileptic seizures and psychosis should not use hypnosis. Hypnosis typically makes people more open to suggestions about behavior changes.

Can I remain in hypnosis forever? - No, you cannot remain in hypnosis after the hypnotherapy session. 
What qualifications are required for hypnotherapy? -Trained hypnotherapist should be certified to perform hypnosis. Iryna is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Rapid transformational Therapist. 

Is Hypnotherapy covered by insurance? - While Hypnotherapy is not typically covered by insurance, many HSA and FSA accounts approve hypnotherapy as a qualifying service with a letters of medical necessity from a medical provider.

More Questions? - Contact me

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