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you can be free and live your best life
in just 21 day. 
Life's too short to lose it to depression, pain, fears, addictions, toxic relationships or other annoying stuff. 

Most common issues I help clients with


  • Career Issues

  • Public Speaking

  • Concentration

  • Exams

  • Memory

  • Self Esteem

  • Motivation

  • Achieving Goals

  • Procrastination

  • Feeling worthless

  • Feeling not lovable

Peace of Mind

  • ​Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Brain Fog

  • Stress

  • Fears

  • Phobias

  • Panic Attacks

  • Guilt

  • Relaxation

  • Compulsive behaviors

  • Feeling stuck/ lost in life


  • Relationships

  • Food/Diet

  • Weight problems

  • Exercise

  • Money Blocks

  • Sleep Problems

  • Insomnia

  • Driving

  • Life Purpose

  • Generational trauma

  • Break family patterns

Physical Health

  • ​Skin problems

  • Back pain

  • Joint Pain

  • Other Chronic Pain

  • Sight/Vision

  • Trauma

  • Autoimmune desease

  • SmokingAlcohol, Drugs

  • Other addictions

  • Allergies

  • Other Health Issues


Hey there:


You must be ready for a major shift in your life - you are in the right place.


My name is Iryna, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist and my mission is to make this world a happier place, helping people transform their lives through self-love, self-worth and expanded potential.  


I guide my clients to find and remove the root of their issue, eradicate the beliefs contributing to the problem and reprogram the subconscious mind to ensure and lock the long-lasting transformation.

I do this through hypnosis, which is a natural state similar to deep meditation where the client remains in full control but is able to tap into their own subconscious mind. I help my clients experience Rapid, Massive, Life-changing outcomes. My clients often describe it as magic.

A significant transformation is achieved in just 1-3 online sessions. When you book your complimentary consultation, we will discuss available packages and choose the one that will work best for you.

Much love,


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Irene,  32 y.o. USA

I approached Iryna for help with depression and anxiety – I was struggling and for me, it was a matter of life and death. Working with Iryna was amazing and I could feel the difference after the first session -  I noticed so many positive changes in my life within a week! During the session, she helped me find the root of my problem in my childhood and I realized that it had been impacting me all my life. But it doesn’t anymore- because I am free! My life has changed and is continuing to change – I feel that and  I really live on the brighter side now. Iryna is an angel who showed me the way, showed me how to start a new life and how to be alive. I have never before been so happy and confident.

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Elvina, 36 y.o. USA

I approached Iryna because I just couldn’t complete the things I started and I wanted to find my life purpose. I  felt helpless with all the stress I was putting myself through. I was impressed with how simple and easy the process was, and I felt the improvement right away and after 2 weeks I noticed my routine changed – which really surprised me! I am now more organized, focused, plan my day and stick to my plan, I am in good spirits  throughout the day.  I have new creative ideas and I'm more active and energized. Iryna’s technique can change your life tremendously whether you want to improve your health, relationships or better understand yourself. I was impressed with how Iryna sensed all my needs, emotions and feelings; she listened to and heard every word I said,  and made a truly healing audio for me. I'm very grateful for this opportunity and have already recommended Iryna to my friends.

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Andre, 40 y.o. USA

I turned to Iryna for my back issues. I dove off a cliff on vacation and injured my back - I had a sharp pain in my back, shooting pain in my leg, and became really stiff. I tried physical therapy and a chiropractor with no improvements. After just one session with Iryna I was surprised that right after the session the stiffness and shooting pain was gone immediately and my pack pain was not as bad. After about a week, back pain reduced by about 95%. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. Thank you, Iryna! You really set me free and it was a fascinating experience.

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Lana,  30 y.o. USA

I needed to be more confident with public speaking. I discovered a lot just during our first consultation - her questions and approach revealed a lot of deeply embedded beliefs that I've carried through the years. I started listening to the recording and noticed that I am more open and motivated to speak in public! Each time I listen to the audio I see the pictures in my mind of my success and how excited I am to speak in public! Thank you, Iryna, for empowering me in my new journey.

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Jaye,  37 y.o. Italy

I approached Iryna because I needed help to overcome this deeply internalized belief that I am not enough and feeling stupid. As I am currently studying and I want to improve my life, it was the perfect time. I chose Iryna because after our first call she gave me hope and confidence that I can tackle this negative belief and that I will be supported during this process. I didn't expect the feeling of being hypnotized be like I was present and not present at the same time. I never once felt out of control. What I discovered during this session never once came up during traditional therapy - I called myself stupid so, when others do.. it would not hurt so much. I found this experience really amazing, eye-opening and relieving. I can feel the positive change in myself. After a week of listening to the tape I started to feel the change. It was small things like self talk became a lot more gentle, my shoulders feel lighter, I have clear head. I would recommend to work with Iryna to anyone who is looking to interrupt their negative believes and improve their life.


Maja, 38 y.o. USA

I turned to Iryna for helps with confidence not finishing things. At first, I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure it would work for me because I never have done anything like that I didn't expect that it would work so quickly, it was an incredible experience. I was surprised - I couldn't have imagined that it was so intense, - you face the roots of your problem and you heal it. I was surprised by the root of my problem - I would have never found out with my conscious mind, so I'm so glad I did the session with Iryna! It's like something inside me is changing, it was just like something clicked. I’m now giving more attention to what I want to do, and am motivated to start new things and accomplish my goals. I could feel change on day 1 - even though I could not exactly explain it, I felt like I understood something and that just created change in me. Working with Iryna was wonderful, she was very attentive to what I wanted and to my words, and made a beautiful and powerful recording for me that I just love listening to. I now have a lot more people around me and they are much more attentive to what I have to say. I feel that something has changed in me - others feel more comfortable around me and more interested in me. I now know what I want and I’m more confident, stronger, and people around me pay more attention to me. Thank you, Iryna

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Rae,  38 y.o. England

I had a bad rash on back for over a decade - the spots were sore and unsightly. I had tried many conventional medicines and washes. Nothing had worked. If I didn't come to Iryna or help - I would have continued to suffer. The experience was overwhelming at first, I did not expect the memory that came up. However it allowed me to release the emotions I had been bottling up. Within the first few days I noticed that the rash was getting worse, I believed this was a sign that the treatment was working. Then the following week I went to bed with large sore spots and awoke with small insignificant spots. Now the rash has reduced significantly and is not sore. I feel more confident in myself and family are amazed at how healthy my back looks now. Iryna was amazing, she checked in regularly to ensure I was okay after the session. During the session she kept calm and helped lead me to realize what my issues were and release what my beliefs were and set me free of them. The results were amazing, I am almost rash free, I never thought I would ever be free from it. I would recommend Iryna to anyone who has skin condition.

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Rita,  52 y.o. USA

I came to Iryna with a fear of taking exams - I had to take a test for my career progression. I am glad I came to Iryna, otherwise I would have kept postponing the test and possibly failing it in the end, as I had done many times before when put on the spot due to the anxieties. The result was an amazing transformation of my fears into confidence and self-belief. One thing I really liked was how I was able to see the root of my problems in hypnosis and got rid of them had a great session with Iryna, which uncovered the root of the issue and put me at ease. I found this experience to be empowering. I realized that reframing the fears into positive beliefs under hypnosis gave me much needed empowerment. I no longer feared the exam and during my test felt very composed and focused, even while answering tricky and challenging questions and I passed my test with flying colors!. I noticed the change soon after I started listening to the transformation audio and it’s been gradually building up within the three weeks. Iryna is an excellent therapist, I felt very supported by her compassionate and professional approach. My family noticed my improved mood right away after the session and have been commenting how much more positive I’ve become. At first I was skeptical of the outcome, since I tried other modalities to overcome this problem, but continued to experience the symptoms of the anxiety. I didn't expect that one session with Iryna was all it took to put an end to this challenge. The whole experience was liberating!


Eli, 18 y.o. USA

I needed help with self-worth! I wanted to get better as a person and stop focusing of what other people think of me. But for Iryna's help I would have kept focusing on other’s opinions instead of my own. During the session I went back to scenes that cause my lack of self-worth and Iryna helped me work through the experiences - I forgave people who hurt me. As a result, I’m more confident in myself and I love myself more than I have ever before and I saw change within 1 week. I feel like I’m a new person. My life has improved in every aspect. It was fascinating! Thank you Iryna

Romantic Photoshoot

Cynthia,  49 y.o. USA

Through hypnosis, Iryna helped me sort through limiting beliefs and patterns from childhood. Iryna guided me through an RTT session and it was easy to see the origins of an issue I was faced with regarding relationship building (romantic).She took her time to dissect issues that were holding me back from fully expressing who I am with confidence. Since working with Iryna she has helped me find my voice and confidence. I was able to break through patterns of thoughts and beliefs to live a more authentic life. I am eternally grateful for our work together!”

Девушка с цветком

Anonymous,  34 y.o. USA

I was going through a challenging divorce process and needed to regain confidence and self-worth in myself as a woman and a mother. If I hadn't turned to Iryna for help, I'd continue stay in a very abusive relationship. Iryna is a highly effective, professional, caring and ethical therapist who can help others transform their lives and show what's really possible! My session with Iryna felt very natural and powerful at the same time. After listening to the session recording for about 20 days, all of a sudden within one day I managed to close all the doors to my past. Shortly following that day, a new door to my current present opened up, showing me that my life can be absolutely beautiful, happy and content. With Iryna's support I was able to get off anti-depressants completely and now I feel that I'm alive, happy and nothing is impossible for me! My friends and family noticed how happy, contented, relaxed I have become since I worked with Iryna.

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Ashley, 58 y.o. USA

Iryna helped me with joint paint. I had suffered from it for over a decade, but after I had COVID, it got so much worse- I couldn't sleep without pain killers. I was really skeptical, but right after the session I looked 10 years younger and my pain decreased. After 3 weeks or so my pain was about 90% less and I don't take pills anymore. I walk with my dog, travel and feel a lot better. I didn't expect to find the root of the issue and it was fascinating to know what caused my pain and to work through it. Iryna was very attentive and caring and made me feel at ease. Being in Hypnosis was easy and I felt so much clarity and was full of energy after the session. 

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Crystal,  42 y.o. USA

I approached Iryna because I was starting a new job and had struggled with confidence my entire life. I wanted to make a good impression and succeed in my new job. The result has been life changing thus far. I’m more confident than ever before. I really liked the professional level of service I received. I was extremely nervous about the session at first. I almost canceled, but then decided I needed change in my life. I found my entire experience to be pleasant and beneficial from start to finish. But for Iryna's help, I would have muddled through my lack of confidence and struggled to succeed. Learning what actually caused my lack of confidence was fascinating. I am now able to walk into a room and know I belong; I have more confidence day to day! I noticed the change right after my session and I’ve been more confident ever since and people who knew me have noticed the most change - I get compliments on how sure I am. I am more sure of myself now than ever.


Stavroula,  28 y.o. Italy

I turned to Iryna because I wanted to get help with my issue of being confused, not feeling happy or satisfied with myself, my life and relationships. Iryna helped me by giving me a session where we found the root cause of why I am not taking control of my life. The result was really transforming and I am still experiencing new things and making new connections about how to live a better life and the life that I deserve. One thing I really liked was that Iryna really cares and dedicates time to her clients and into finding the absolute best way to approach the issue and get the best outcome from our work. I found this experience to be liberating and life changing. I would recommend Iryna to people who need help with their life because she does a great job! At first I was not sure how to explain my situation in a few words, it was not clear to me either but Iryna explored it with me and managed it in the best way. I didn't expect it to have such broad results and impact on so many levels in my life and all that from just one session and I am still finding out more. Iryna thank you so much for your dedication!


Chantele, 37 y.o. Canada

I approached Iryna/ReUmagine to work on money blocks, feeling stuck from being in lockdown, and not bringing in as much income as usual. Iryna helped me by guiding me through some subconscious blocks around money. The result was fantastic. I noticed significant change about 1 week after the session. People have been messaging me to work with them. People that I know, and even strangers. I seem to be attracting more opportunities. I was surprised by what was uncovered. I really like my personal recording. I was encouraged to do a juice cleanse with the extra money, which is making me feel amazing, and I am returning the body and mindset when I was most successful. It was the perfect addition to our session. I found this whole experience to be transformative, and I would recommend Iryna to people who need to overcome money blocks. Actually I would recommend Iryna for anyone trying to overcome anything. Iryna is fantastic. You can tell she has a lot of amazing results, because she exudes confidence. Her recording is great, and I will continue to listen for a long time. Thank you Iryna for helping me shift!

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